Bishal Gaire, born in Kapilvastu district, is a successful entrepreneur as well as a young politician who holds great potential. Leader of a group of companies named Bishal Organization, Gaire has also increased his investments in sectors like media, hotel, and education. Gaire, who believes that power should not induce one to make unauthorized use of party’s and government’s letterhead, asserts that to become a public servant, one should first become matured socially, economically, politically, and culturally. Gaire is engaged in the campaign to generate ten thousand young entrepreneurs in Nepal. He has composed a poem entitled Utha Deshka Yuwaharu and published a book called Youth And politics. Gaire has been politically conscious and has worked as a member of the party’s student Committee, youth committee, and district press committee for the past eleven years. At present he is actively involved in mainstream politics.

Being a journalist, who has interviewed more than 300 entrepreneurs and politicians in various television channels, Gaire, at present is a media owner himself. As an active youth campaigner, Bishal had put a lot of effort in the formulation of youth policy and youth vision. As a result, he was honored with the Youth Talent Award by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Youth and Sports in the year 2073 B.S.

Gaire was born in a simple family engaged in subsistence farming. Since the financial condition was very weak, he had to sell newspapers for some time after passing grade X. Nominated as the president of the child club in a government school; Gaire started displaying his leadership skills from a tender age. He took the membership of the Left-wing party at the age of 15. While selling newspapers, his enthusiasm for journalism gradually increased. As a result, he started reading news bulletin from a community radio station that was recently established in the village. He was just 18 years old at that time. He is constantly working on a mission to prove himself in the field of journalism, literature, politics, and law. He believes that international studies and experiences can be utilized in the native country to make it prosperous. He expresses his commitment that he would continue to explore the nation-building campaign for the betterment of the country.